The Ukrainian market of legal services in the sphere of family and inheritance law has some peculiarities caused by rather large number of private lawyers and only several law firms offering such services. Law company «Legalitas» is amon them.


  • consultations in a wide range of questions related to the Ukrainian family law;
  • complex of services on preparation, conclusion and termination of marriage contracts;
  • representation of a client in court with regard to annulment of marriage, separation of the family property, determination of a child residence, paternity establishment, termination of the parental rights, collection of the alimony, removal of obstacles in communication with children etc.
  • advice on inheritance and inheritance registration;
  • legal advice on probate;
  • entry into the inheritance;
  • renewal of the term of entering into inheritance;
  • recognition of the will invalid;
  • recognition of the certificate of inheritance invalid;
  • challenging the transactions made by the testator before his death;
  • suspension of the rights of inheritance;
  • allocation of compulsory share in that property;
  • restoration of proof of relationship;
  • acting for the heir at the Notary office, as well as at other institutions and organisations.