In the Ukrainian realities tax officials often act in contradiction with the current legislation, and even with common sense.

In many cases it is facilitated by imperfect legislation, its numerous collisions, and also incompetence of employees of fiscal bodies.

Specialists of Law company «Legalitas» can help you to cope with this task, making your business profitable and competitive.

Besides, our specialists have a wide experience of representation and protection of the clients’ interests in courts on application of tax and customs legislation as well as the legislation on registrars of settlement operations.


  • tax advise:
  • advise on corporate taxation in Ukraine;
  • advise on taxation of individuals;
  • legal support in the course of tax police and customs checks;
  • tax dispute resolution:
  • administrative appeals against tax notice decisions;
  • appealing against tax reports of tax and customs bodies as well as actions (inaction) of their authorities to the administrative court of all levels and the Supreme Court of Ukraine.